Easy Solutions to Marketing Your Local Business Online

Prodivity Media helps local businesses build a presence on the web.  Like being listed in the phone book, creating a web presence for your business expands the ways customers can find and learn about your business.

You probably already know the importance of marketing your business online, but do you how to get started? Don’t worry – we do. Our specialty is marketing local businesses on the web helping them be found first among their competition.


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  • Graphic Design Banners and Ads
  • Packages available
  • Video Production Broadcast on local stations
  • We make it easy
  • Photography Crisp, clear & focused
  • High impact photos
  • SEO Search Optimization
  • Reduce listing costs
  • Directory Listings Top 100+ search engines
  • Manage your listings
  • Website Design & Development Simple & fresh
  • We do it for you


  • Advertising Consultation We'll help you figure it out
  • Free! Let's chat
  • Measurable Results Campaign analysis
  • Track performance
  • Brand Identity Design & development
  • Establish a brand
  • Online Advertising No experience needed
  • Stress free
  • Social Media Creation & management
  • Engage customers
  • And Much More Whatever you need
  • Just what you need

Why Us?

Experience. We like what we do.  We bring experience in managing large budget, big-city online advertising to scale for your local business.  That’s a fancy way of saying our industry experience is at the heart of how we grow success for your business.  Our company is made up of graphic design enthusiasts, professional media creators and marketing geeks.  We work with you as partners and look after you exactly that way too.

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